23 Dec

Research Workshop on “Morally and Socially Constructed Norms” with Laura Valentini

Annual Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop

@ Ursa, 5589, avenue du Parc, Montréal, Québec


The Groupe de recherche en philosophie politique de Montréal (GRIPP) is pleased to announce a one-day workshop dedicated to the 2019 winner of the Annual Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award, “Morally and Socially Constructed Norms” by Laura Valentini of the London School of Economics. 
Format: To maximize the quality of discussion, participants are expected to have read the manuscript beforehand. The workshop comprises four sessions dedicated to the manuscript. Each session will begin with brief critiques of chapters of the manuscript, followed by a brief response by the author and general discussion.  
Registration: The workshop is open to all, but attendance is by registration and limited in number. RSVP Arash Abizadeh <[email protected]
Manuscript: Click here for access to manuscript. Access requires a password, which all participants will receive upon registration. 


9:00 Coffee & croissants / Café et croissants

9:30 Welcome / accueil

9:45 – 11:30 Présidente: Dominique Leydet (philosophie, UQAM)

Ch. 1: “What are socially constructed norms?” Pierre Minn (anthropologie, Université de Montréal)

Ch. 2: “Grounding the moral force of socially constructed norms I: Unsuccessful views” Stephanie Leary (philosophy, McGill)

11:30 – 13:00 Lunch / Dîner

13:00 – 14:45 Chair: Catherine Lu (politics, McGill)

Ch. 3: “Grounding the moral force of socially constructed norms II: The agency-respect view” Natalie Stoljar (philosophy, McGill)

Ch. 4: “Grounding moral rights” Pablo Gilabert (philosophy, Concordia)

14:45 – 15:00 Coffee Break / pause café

15:00 – 16:45 Chair: Will Roberts (politics, McGill)

Ch. 5: “Grounding political obligation” Victor Muñiz-Fraticelli (law & politics, McGill)

Ch. 6: “Explaining the wrong of sovereignty violations” Peter Dietsch (philosophie, Université de Montréal)18:30 Dinner / Souper