10 Feb

Call for applications: Master Class with Céline Spector (Sorbonne, Paris) in Montreal

On 3 April 2023 (11h30-13h30) there will be a master class for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers on the work of Céline Spector, the 2013 laureate for the Charles Taylor Lecture Series in Political Thought. Participants will read a selection of Spector’s writings in preparation. Four participants will prepare short critical responses to Spector’s works for presentation at the master class. Spector will respond to these presentations, and then the floor will be open for discussion with the other participants.

Spector is fluent in French and English; it will therefore be possible to participate in both languages.

If you wish to apply to participate in the master class, please send a letter of interest to Professor Christian Nadeau ([email protected]) by February 24.

Admission is open to graduate students and postdocs at all four Montreal universities, but priority will be given to GRIPP Fellows as well as to students or post-docs affiliated with the Centre de recherche en éthique (CRÉ) and Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la diversité et la démocratie (CRIDAQ). Please note your affiliation in your letter.

If you wish to be considered for one of the four presentation spots, please indicate this in your letter of interest, explaining why Spector’s work is important for your own research.

Those selected to participate will be notified by March 1. This will give participants one month to prepare for the master class.

Preparatory texts for participants [presentations need not be restricted to these texts]:

Articles / Chapters

« Montesquieu, les fédéralistes américains et nous : la République fédérative européenne », Lumières, 2021/1-2 (N° 37-38), p. 263-281.

 « Que reste-t-il des Lumières ? Les droits de l’homme à l’épreuve des études postcoloniales », Lumières, 2019/2 (N° 34), p. 45-60.

 « Les Lumières de Charles Taylor », Revue de métaphysique et de morale, 2020/4 (N° 108), p. 497-512

« Liberty », in The Cambridge Companion to Montesquieu, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, Sharon Krause et Keegan Callanan éds


Rousseau, Cambridge, Polity Press, « Classic Thinkers », 2019,

No demos ? Souveraineté et démocratie à l’épreuve de l’Europe, Paris, Seuil, « L’ordre philosophique », 2021

Émile. Rousseau et la morale expérimentale, Vrin, 2022