24 Mai

FIRST AMONG EQUALS: Teresa Bejan (Oxford)

Atelier de Manuscrit du GRIPP, 24 mai 2023
Stewart-Bio room S/3-4, Université McGill


9h00: Coffee & croissants / Café et croissants

9h30 : Welcome / accueil

9h45 — 11h30 : Présidente: Ryoa Chung (philosophie, Montréal)
Chapter One: “An Equal Commonwealth”: Balance
Commentator: Will Roberts (politics, McGill)
Chapter Two: Omnes Homines Aequales Sunt: Indifference
Commentator: Jacob Levy (politics, McGill)

11h30 — 13h00: Lunch / dîner

13h00 — 14h45: Chair: Rob Goodman (politics, Toronto Metropolitan)
Chapter Three: “Peers or Equalls”: Parity
Commentator: Yves Winter (politics, McGill)
Chapter Four: “Equals in the Creation”: Levelling Down
Commentator: Jeffrey Collins (history, Queen’s)
14h45 — 15h00: Coffee break / pause café

15h00 — 16h45: Chair: Pablo Gilabert (philosophy, Concordia)
Chapter Five: “Too Noble a Being”: Blind Spots and Smoking Guns
Commentators: Lisa Shapiro (philosophy, McGill) and Natalie Stoljar (philosophy, McGill)
Chapter Six: Conclusion: Peers and Equals
Commentator: Robert Sparling (politics, Ottawa)

18h30: Dinner / souper